Advanced Portable Bore Welder For Loaders Repair

Advanced Portable Bore Welder For Loaders Repair
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Advanced Portable Borer Welder Tools in Site Machining Video

Product Description

Our company's CNC portable soldering and welding machine is designed for on-site construction. It is characterized by small size, light weight, good boring and welding quality. It is not required for use environment and space, and is easy to carry. It is widely used in the repair of round holes such as pin holes and bearing holes of large-scale equipment and engineering machinery. It is a good helper for industrial and mining enterprises and engineering site maintenance.

Standard weld range:

I.D. Weld range:40-600mm (1.5-23.6”)

O.D. Weld range:20-750mm (0.8-29.5”)

Face Welding:20-610mm (0.8-24”)

diameter Weld Stroke:400mm (15.8”)

BW350 Gears and gear boxes by automatic bore welding repair - 副本

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