Automatic Bore Welding Machining Tools

Product Details

BW series automatic repair welding machine adopts continuous automatic feeding mode to transfer current, welding wire, and metal inert gas (MIG) to the welding torch. The welding torch rotates and moves in the axial direction. As the welding gun moves, a continuous layer of metal is applied around the boring hole to accumulate a surface. By selecting different welding guns and / or adjusting the positioning head, the automatic welding machine can adapt to different welding ranges


AutoWeld Inline.

The AutoWeld systems are an ideal addition to the BW range or any portable line boring system. The unique design allows for setup in minutes by simply assembling the torch tubes through your existing bar support bearings. There are no other attachments required. It is automatically aligned to the bores and remains rigid at any reach.


Welds bores 40 to 600mm dia.

Remote pendant

Works with most welding machines

Adjustable step feed 

Pivot Points by Automatic Bore Welding Repair Tools

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