Automatic Welding Machine Bearing Bore Welding Repair Machine

Automatic Welding Machine Bearing Bore Welding Repair Machine
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Product Details

Portable Bore Automatic Repair Welding Machine Operation Video

Proudct Description

Applicable to: CO2 gas shielded welding machine

Welding wire: 0.8-1.0

BW series automatic repair welding machine adopts continuous automatic feeding mode to transfer current, welding wire and metal inert gas (MIG) to welding gun, which rotates and moves in axial direction. When the welding gun moves, the continuous metal layer is applied around the boring hole to form a surface. By selecting different welding guns and / or adjusting the positioning head, the automatic repair welding machine can adapt to different welding ranges

We will provides bore welder with the same connection. Our portable Auto Bore Welder can directly work with your MIG wire feeder machine. It is a preferred tool for welding specialty parts and components to avoid costly replacement.

I.D.Welding Range:40-600mm, Welding Stroke:300mm

Powerful processing capability. It can processing and repair the shaft pin hole, hinge hole, steam turbine wheelsets connecting hole, pump, valve, pipe internal hole ect. It also can complete end face processing, external circle surfacing, to meet the concentric boring and welding precision machining requirements

Superior Features

  • one operator to set up easily.

  • Reduce repair time & costs, Increase repair effectiveness.

  • Repair equipment in situ.

  • Maximize equipment uptime.

  • One set up for line boring and welding

Pivot Points by Automatic Bore Welding Repair Tools

Standard Weld Range:

I.D Weld range:40-600mm (1.5-23.6")

O.D Weld range:20-750mm (0.8-29.5")

Face Welding:20-610mm (0.8-24")

Diameter Weld Stroke:400mm (15.8")

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