Buckets And Hitches By Automatic Bore Welding Repair Tools

Buckets And Hitches By Automatic Bore Welding Repair Tools
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BW360 Portable Line Automatic  Bore Welding Machine Video 


The BW360  design is elegantly simple and extremely durable, very easy to set up and operate. 

Our BW360 AutoBore Welder can perform inside diameter welding (I.D. weld range 40-450mm) in the vertical or horizontal position. You just need tell us what kind of your welding machine’s connection(Europe, Panasonic, Miller, Lincoln etc).

We will provides bore welder with the same connection. Our portable Auto Bore Welder can directly work with your MIG wire feeder machine. It is a preferred tool for welding specialty parts and components to avoid costly replacement.

The BW360 auto bore welding machine comes complete with a hand feed wheel and rotation speed timer with chart. This ensures smooth, even weld bead application every time. The BW360 can also be easily driven automatically with a basic hand drill or for maximum versatility you can add our automatic stepper drive kit.

BW360 buckets and hitches by automatic bore welding repair tools-JOYSUNG


Adjust all welding functions from one central location:Quickly adjust “step” size and direction, rotation speed and direction, wire feed rate, arc voltage, arc interrupt, contractor control, gas purge and extended utilization of Auto-Skip function.

One Setup for Welding & Boring:JOYSUNG Automatic Bore Welder Interface Kit simplifies the boring & welding setup machining.Quickly attach the BW350 auto bore welder directly to the JOYSUNG TDG60, TDG50, TDG50Puls or TDG50IMP Boring Machine mounting fixtures.

Interface kit makes it easy to switch between bore welding and line boring without losing bearing alignment.Interface kit ensures perfect alignment for both welding and machining.

Boring System mounting fixtures:This process ensures perfect alignment for both welding and machining. And one setup for both welding and boring saves time, and helps you get your job done fast.

BW360 Bores by automatic bore welding repair tools-JOYSUNG

JOYSUNG has 15 years of development history in the field of portable machine tools. We are a high-tech company mainly engaged in the research and development, technology promotion and engineering services of portable processing equipment. We are constantly committed to designing the best products. Our R & D experts continue to provide input to design tools that are widely used in the field machining industry. JOYSUNG's tools should also be praised when solving maintenance problems, so that customers trust us more. Our equipment is widely recognized by the global market for its superior quality, rugged durability, stable and powerful functions, and flawless appearance.


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