Line Boring And Bore Welding Machines

Line Boring And Bore Welding Machines
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Line Boring and Bore Welder Machining  Video

BW360 Bore welder machine is a compact blend of simplicity, performance, and reliability, capable enough to tackle aggressive field applications with ease. BW360  interfaces directly with users existing MIG Wire feed systems, providing  Fill capability with burn back control for these functions, fully adjustable mechanical step, reversible weld direction, step lockout feature for face welding and optional remote pendant control.

All accessories and parts are designed and manufactured to be exquisite, durable and

Maximum security.

Specification Parameter

I.D. Weld range40-600mm
O.D. Weld range20-750mm
Face Welding20-610mm
Standard Weld stroke:300mm
Standard wire size0.8-1.0mm
Welding ProcessMIG
Standard step size3mm
Amperage Rating:140
Power Supply Requirements120V/230V,50/60Hz

Automatic  Bore Welding Tools Application Picture

Automatic Bore Welding Machine by Electric Motor Repair-JOYSUNG_副本

bw360-The latest portable Boring Welder-DTHMACHINES

Workshop Production Picture

Portable field processing equipment manufacturing plant -joysung

Our Auto Bore Welder BW360 provides you with an affordable bore welding system.Perfectly suited for our TDG50、TDG50IMP、TDG60 Line boring.

Superior Features


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