Automatic Repair Welding Machine For Motor maintenance

Automatic Repair Welding Machine For Motor maintenance
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BW360 Automatic  Bore Welding Tools on Site Machining Video


The BW360 automatic bore welding system is designed for users who demand durability, ease of setup and precision without unnecessary complication.

The patented BW360 bore welder features a unique variable feed mechanical drive system that gives users the option of varying the distance between weld beads. Due to the design features of the feed system, and the fact that it does not require a second motor for axial feed, the machine is very simple to operate and does not require feed re-calibrations. This also means that you do not have to worry about bead to bead spacing and possible lack of weld bead fusion to the base metal.

Motor housings and shafts by automatic bore welding machining tools-JOYSUNG

BW360 automatic repair welding machine parameters:

Standard weld range


Standard weld stroke


Standard wire size


Welding machining


Standard step size


Amperage rating


Power supply requirements


Shipping weight


Shipping box

Aviation aluminum box

Since 2004, our products have started to spread all over the world, and our product quality has been highly recognized by customers. Any special design customization requirements of the portable tool series-we can do it. Currently serving the United States, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America, etc., we are eager to expand the coverage of our service customers.

We always believe our portable tools will help our outstanding customers to achieve the goals and quality they need with the least effort and time!

BW350 Applications


Compressors and turbines

Bores, pivot points, buckets and hitches

Shaft OD repair

Valve and pump repairs

Mud pumps

Gears and gear boxes

Hydraulic cylinder eyes

Motor housings and shafts

Whole tree chippers

Castings and injection molds

Rotary crushers

Continuous miners and drag lines

Jaw crusher steering arms

Photo of BW350 automatic repair welding system on site

Automatic Bore Welding Machine by Electric Motor Repair-JOYSUNG_副本

JOYSUNis committed to the perfect application of high-quality portable equipment to engineering machinery, petrochemicals, ship ports, thermal power plants, wind power towers, hydropower stations, steel plants and construction industries.Our products find buyers and users in many quality and competitive markets - the United States, India, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Italy, Russia, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Chile, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Nepal and so on. All our overseas buyers show their trust in us by repeatedly placing orders. This benefits from consistency in the quality, pricing and timely supply of our products. This benefits from consistency in the quality, pricing and supply of our products.

BW350 Auto Rotary Bore Welder Machine

Pivot Points by Automatic Bore Welding Repair Tools

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