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AutoWeld Bench

The Auto welding systems are an ideal addition to the BW range or any portable line boring system. The unique design allows for setup in minutes by simply assembling the torch tubes through your existing bar support bearings. There are no other attachments required. It is automatically aligned to the bores and remains rigid at any reach.

Standard equipment:


  • Bore Welder System 120v/240v A/C, automatic

  • Telescopic torch

  • Standard weld gun assembly

  • Standard gun extension tube assembly

  • Mini weld gun assembly

  • Weld gun extension, 150mm

  • Weld gun extension, 300mm

  • Support tube

  • T Support

  • Standard consumables kit

  • Necessary tools

  • Setup manual

  • Aluminum packing case

Dimension & Weight: 86 x 33 x 50 cm( 42kg)

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