Shaft OD Repair By Bore Welding Repair Tools

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The JOYSUNG BW360 Auto Bore Welder automated spiral welding system provides you with an affordable bore welding system. High quality bore welding technology is now available in a ruggedly constructed, highly portable and easily affordable package. Now you can:


  • Increase both your welding and machining productivity

  • Dramatically reduce repair time & costs

  • Repair equipment on-site

  • Maximize equipment uptime

  • Extend the working life of your capital equipment


BW360 which features all the upgrades avail-able including long stroke, auto-skip, face welding, outside diameter welding and even a BW360 compact bore weld drive head and gun as-sembly.

We are not only a manufacturer of portable equipment, we are also a provider of processing service technology. We will feedback your problems to our experts, and we will propose solutions for you:

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