Excavator Stick Repair Tool Automatic Repair Welding Machine

Excavator Stick Repair Tool Automatic Repair Welding Machine
Product Details

BW360 buckets and hitches by automatic bore welding repair tools-JOYSUNG

Porduct Description:

BW350 construction machinery automatic inner hole welding machine is the latest fully automatic welding equipment developed by our company. It can complete the automatic repair welding and filling welding of engineering equipment holes such as pin holes and shaft holes, eliminating the high-strength welding labor of workers. BW350 automatic welding machine can be docked and assembled with any of our company's portable boring machines, so as to realize the semi-automatic processing of the entire machining from repair welding of equipment holes to boring processing, greatly reducing the labor intensity, convenient and fast, and superior performance.

Technical Parameters:

Standard Weld range:40mm-450mm

Standard Weld stroke:280mm

Standard wire size :0.8-1.0mm

Welding Process:MIG (GMAW)

Standard step size

Long-duration welding

Adjustable amperage welding

Telescopic torch of continuous wire welding

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