Automatic Repair Welding Machine For Excavator Repair

Automatic Repair Welding Machine For Excavator Repair
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BW350 Automatic Bore Welder Machine in Situ Repair Video

BW350 Automatic Bore Welding Tools Feature:

Extremely Versatile  &  Easy  to Operate 

The JOYSUNG BW350 automatic Bore welding machine welds in any axis; vertical, horizontal or inverted. Operation is extremely simple. The Auto Bore Welder also interfaces with most wire feeders.

Lightweight & Portable

The BW350 Auto Bore Welder weight (38KG) making it easy to transport from the shop to the field.

One setup for Both Welding & Boring

The JOYSUNG Bore Welder Interface Kit simplifies your boring and welding setup process. The interface kit allows you to quickly attach the Auto Bore Welder  directly to the JOYSUNG TDG60, TDG50 or TDGIMP.

Boring System mounting fixtures

This machining ensures perfect alignment for both welding and machining. And one setup for both welding and boring saves time, and helps you get your job done fast.

BW350 pivot points by automatic bore welding repair tools

The BW350 is Widely Used by These Industries:

  • mining machine

  • Heavy steel construction

  • Ship machinery

  • Construction machinery

BW350 Applications


Compressors and turbines

Bores, pivot points, buckets and hitches

Shaft OD repair

Valve and pump repairs

Mud pumps

Gears and gear boxes

Hydraulic cylinder eyes

Motor housings and shafts

Whole tree chippers

Castings and injection molds

Rotary crushers

Continuous miners and drag lines

Jaw crusher steering arms

Photo of BW350 automatic repair welding system on site

Automatic Bore Welding Machine by Electric Motor Repair-JOYSUNG_副本

BW350 Auto Rotary Bore Welder Machine

Pivot Points by Automatic Bore Welding Repair Tools

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