Pivot Points By Automatic Bore Welding Repair Tools

Pivot Points By Automatic Bore Welding Repair Tools
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BW350 Automatic Welding System On-site Machining

BW350 Description

The JOYSUNG BW350 Automatic Bore Welder automated step welding system provides you with a new degree of welding performance and precision. Your weld time will decrease dramatically while you produce precise, uniform, high quality welds as compared to hand welding techniques.

Automatic Bore Welding Machine by Electric Motor Repair-JOYSUNG

BW350 advantages

Unmatched weld quality and precision

Provides complete weld coverage at the start and finish of the bore Reaches up to 5 feet (152.4 cm) into the bore. Using torch extension support, can extend up to an additional 18 inches (457.2 mm).

Lays up to 5 lbs (2.27 kg) of metal per hour.

Arc time increases 50 - 100% over hand-welding.

Consistent and uniform weld reduces cutting tool wear, reducing cutting time by up to 50%.

Flexible and Versatile: Wide range of travel speeds and amperage for challenging in-field conditions or working with exotic metals.

Auto-skip feature allows “weld only” or “skip only” areas to be designated.

Patented step process outperforms spiral welding by providing complete weld coverage with infinitely adjustable step, allowing bead placement from 0.40 - 0.220 inches (1.0 - 5.6 mm).

Allows rapid completion of work on out-of-round bore or bored with keyways.

Four operating modes available: Auto- Skip, Pie, and Carriage Return.

Welds in any orientation: vertical, horizontal, or inverted.

Allows alternating of uphill and downhill welds in a horizontal bore when welding multiple passes

Patented “offset head” provides radial adjustments of the torch while maintaining proper torch angle in relation to the work piece.

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Weld & Bore at the Same Time: 

Get your jobs done quicker. Since the BW350 Auto Bore Welder and the JOYSUNG TDG60, TDG50& TDG50Puls Boring System utilize the same mounting fixtures; you can weld up one section of your job and bore out another section at the same time.

Just use a set of additional housings to bush a set of holes, while welding in the holes at the same time can reduce working time!

Product Warranty:

 JOYSUNG warrants that all new machines are free of defects in materials & workmanship for a period of one year after delivery.

Within the warranty period, JOYSUNG will, at its option, either repair or replace the defective machine.

Pivot Points by Automatic Bore Welding Repair Tools




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