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JOYSUNG Latest TCM508 Portable CNC Milling Machining Threaded Hole

JOYSUNG's milling machine series will cover a variety of applications, including small surface, keyway milling, heat exchangers, hatch covers, pumps, turbine floor and foundation pads, compressor bases, motor mounting bases, rolling mill arches, ship loaders, mining machines , Threaded posts, etc. With the TCM508 portable 3D CNC thread milling machine, you can use laser leveling equipment to perform more accurate leveling operations on large diameter surfaces.  




• 17.8 in. (452.1 mm) depth of cut to handle the most demanding thread and boring applications

• 3-axis CNC control capability to perform bolt extraction and thread refurbishment in a single set-up

• High tolerance profile rails produce consistent results.

• All three axes utilise precision ground ball screws which provide precise movement of the mill head

• Motion control software provides detailed real time feedback on tool positioning and machine operation

The TCM 508  is available complete with 3-axis mill assembly, motion control package, all required bits and extensions, optional voltage converter all in a single – easy to deploy – rugged shipping/storage container.


APPLICATIONS:Oil, Gas and Chemical 

Power Generation 

Ship building & repair

Typical applications

Piping system flanges

Vessel flanges

Valve flanges and bonnet flanges

Flange faces on piping systems

Final drive hubs

Heat exchanger flanges

Pump housing flanges

Bull gear faces

Weld preps

Tube sheet bundles.

Crane pedestal flange.

Manufacturing of mining equipment

Bearing mounting bases

Slew rings



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JOYSUNG specializes in the manufacture, marketing and export of portable equipment. Our products are widely recognized by the global market for their superior quality, rugged durability, stable and powerful functions, and flawless appearance.


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