207H-D6 Wire Sawing Services For Sale

207H-D6 Wire Sawing Services For Sale
Product Details

DTH is a professional exporter of 207h-d6 wire sawing services for sale, which is also known as one of the most credible such manufacturers and suppliers. You can rest assured to buy or wholesale customized 207h-d6 wire sawing services for sale which is made in China at low price with our factory.


207H-D6 Hydraulic wire saw machine is mainly used in reinforced concrete nondestructive cutting reconstruction project, such as tunnel, bridge, seaport, water conservancy, electric, airport, etc.

1. Sample construction, modular design, easy to move and install.

2. Flexible combination, can divide into three parts: collecting wire part, hydraulic power unit, wire saw bode fixed part.

3. Adopt international-advanced full oil pressure, all digital remote control system, performance and efficiency can be achieved reinforced concretenondestructive cutting.

4. Range of application: normal scale reinforced concrete cutting, irregularity reinforced concrete cutting, underwater cutting, narrow space cutting projects.

5. Makes work more efficiency, can cut normal reinforced concrete 2.5-5m2/hour.


Technical Details:

Product   Name

207H-D6   Wire saw

Guide   Rail


Min   Wire Storage


Max Wire Storage


Max Collecting Wire Length


Wire Ratio

6 (the saw head move 1 meter, then   wire collected 6 meters)

Drive Wheel diameter


Guide Pulley Diameter


Diamond Wire Type


Machine Weight

85.9KG (include 1 meter guide rail)

Work Efficiency


207 Hydraulic Wire Saw_页面_3.jpg

Hydraulic diamond wire saw video:www.youtube.com/dthmachines



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