FDG6000 Repair Machine Circnlar Mills In Suriname

FDG6000 Repair Machine Circnlar Mills In Suriname
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FDG6000 Pneumatic Portable Circnlar Mills On  Site Machining  Video


We have been providing on site machine tools, specialized on portable flange facing machine, small and large scale machine tools, we are aimed at handle almost any challenge for our clients present with durability and repeatable accuracy , to make sure the project finished smoothly.

On site flange facing tools aimed at provide superior quality and reliable after sale service for clearing clients’ issues fast and easy.


FDG6000 Heavy Flange Facer

Facing Diameter Range:2600-6000mm(102-236")

I.D Clamp Range:2500-5900mm(100-232")

Rotation RPM:0-3

Rotation Drive Unit-Hydraulic:(2)-3.5Hp(2.6kw) 

Spindle Head Slide Stroke:1000mm(39")

Spindle Head Stroke:250mm(10")

Spindle Head Taper:NT50

Spindle Drive Power Unit- Hydraulic:25Hp(18.5kw)

FDG6000Portable Flange Facer Machine

FDG6000Portable Facing Machines For Flanges With Id-clamping

Machine performance depends on the capabilities of the application and the operator, please discuss your needs directly with JOYSUNG. All information and all sales provided by JOYSUNG are subject to its terms and conditions, please visit  https://joysungportable.com

The benefits of using an RTJ flange and ring is that the gasket is confined to a groove and has two sealing surfaces. The groove assures that the ring centers itself when the bolts are tightened. It also is self actuating meaning that the sealing pressure increases when the process pressure increases.

JOYSUNG TeachingTeam includes experts in shipbuilding, power generation, civil engineering, bridge renovation, petrochemical and other industries.




our workshop JOYSUNG machine Portable Flange Facer


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