Flange Refacing Machine In Situ Repair

Flange Refacing Machine In Situ Repair
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FDG1270 Portable Flange Refacing  Tools in Site Machining  Video


FDG1270 Portable Flange Facer Tools Products 
are mainly used in nuclear power, shipbuilding, petrochemical, offshore oil, engineering machinery, metallurgy and many other fields. Our goal is not only to provide professional installation and maintenance equipment for users in various fields, but also to promote this advanced maintenance concept in the industry, share rich industry application experience, and dedicate ourselves to providing innovative solutions for installation, maintenance and other process technologies.


FDG1270 Flange facer is designed with a reinforced center spindle and a rotating cutter arm for achieving  stronger stability during cutting.

Superior machining

It can achieve working without mounting base unit, typical applications for on-site machining of heat exchanger, blind flange, and so on, This provides users with the flexibility to make more cuts including cut “O” Ring grooves, RTJ and other V grooves, standard and compact flange facings, weld preparations, and other surfaces.

Precise body

Precision machined dovetail ways and adjustable Turcite-B coated gibes provide smooth accurate travel, and can give machine shop accuracy .

Base assembly

Equipped two pieces high strength mounting base unit with steel threaded inserts, and adjustable feet enable the machine to be installed perfectly level and central in any flange from 500mm to 1650mm in diameter.

Drive Power unit

The machine is driven by a 2.7HP pneumatic motor, It can achieve cuts up to a maximum depth of 2mm  (0.079″) on flanges without bolt holes or 0.5mm (0.02″) with holes.

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FDG1270 Flange Refacing Machine technical parameter
Minimum machining diameter350mm(13")
Maximum machining diameter1270mm(50")
Minimum clamping range340mm(13")
Maximum clamping range1143mm(45")
Tool holder vertical travel105mm
Turret rotation angle+ / - 30⁰
Power unitPneumatic (2.2Hp)
Gas pressure0.6-0.8Mpa  flow1.79 m³/min
Plane feed speedFirst gear 0.1mm second gear 0.62mm third gear 0.64
Vertical feed speedGear 0.05mm, gear 2 0.1mm, gear 3 0.22
Net weight of equipment262KG
Gross weight of equipment326KG
Packing dimensions1040 x 745 x 790 mm


  1. Modular design concept, which can realize rapid installation and disassembly and meet a variety of processing environments;

  2. The main body of the equipment is made of aluminum alloy, which is light in weight and high in strength;

  3. NSK high-precision and heavy-duty bearings are adopted for all bearings to ensure smooth operation of the engine body without vibration;

  4. High precision mechanical transmission mechanism ensures that the machine is installed horizontally, upside down and vertically;

  5. The vertical direction is manual feed and automatic feed, and the plane feed mode is manual and automatic feed;

  6. Internal card octagonal support is adopted for fixation, which is more stable;

  7. Equipped with air pressure regulating valve, convenient operation and high safety factor;

  8. Power system options: pneumatic, hydraulic, servo (please inform in advance if necessary);




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