Mobile Portable Meridian Flange Facer Machining Field Services

Mobile Portable Meridian Flange Facer Machining Field Services
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FDG1000 Portable Flange Facer

FDG 1000 portable flange facer is versatile, and rugged ID Mount Flange Facer. It can machine flanges up to 6-40 inches (150-1000mm) in diameter. Designed for the rugged challenges of the oil, gas and chemical industry. This flange facing machine allows you to machine all types of flange facing, seal groove machining, weld prep and counter boring.

fdg1000 flange face machine


Facing Diameter
152-1000 mm (6-40Inches)
Clamping Diameter
152-838 mm (6-33 Inches)
Power Option
Pneumatic motor 1.7Kw/Electric Servo Motor 1.5KW



Quick and Easy Setup
Modular components make setup quick and easy
Pneumatic motor 1.7 KW, powerful and stable (Electric Motor is available)
Flexible, precise and Portable Design
Geared continuous groove facing feeds.
Swivel tool post
Quick set independent base
Remote Control Is Available
With Remote Controller, It is safe and convenient to operate.

flange facer machine-fdg1000fdg1000


An internally mounted lightweight yet strong flange facing machine for all types of flange facing,seal groove machining,weld prep and counter boring.