Field Processing Of FDG 1650 Plane Flange Gasket

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Fdg1650 portable flange processing machine

The rigid and versatile FDG1650 delivers high-torque performance to quickly re-face flanges and repair sealing and bearing surfaces efficiently and cost-effectively
Center Facing Machine;Climax Machine Tools;Flange Drilling Machine;Flange Facing Machines


• Powered 360° tool post – for a wider range of machining operations

• Three speed continuous feed gearbox, for gramophone finish

• Quick set adjustable clamping jaws, minimising set up time 

• Acra Milling Machine;Flange Face Machining Portable;Climax Portable Machining & Welding Systems

• Raised Face Flange Gasket Dimensions;Raised Face Flange To Flat Face Flange