On Site Flange Facer For Heatchanger

On Site Flange Facer For Heatchanger
Product Details

FDG1650 Pneumatic Portable Flange Facing  Machine on site machining  Video

Product Features 

FDG1650 Flange facer is designed with a reinforced center spindle and a rotating cutter arm for achieving stronger stability during cutting

FDG1650 flange facer machine tools for refinery machining equipped with geared continuous groove facing feeds for gramophone finish (ASME Standard)

FDG1650 flange facer reface machine tools for refinery machining swivel tool post for groove details included; no requirement for separate



I.D Flange Facer Machine utilise our patented power feed tool posts, and demonstrate innovative design with the latest linear and ball screw technology. These flange facer machines are available in external mounting options.


All the portable flange facing machines are capable of maintaining high degrees of accuracy, with a variable feed rate to achieve the desired surface finish for all gasket types.

These flanging tools can be pneumatically or hydraulically driven and are highly portable and designed to work in the most demanding of conditions.


Why the internal flange facer machine is needed? What's the advantage?

As we all know, on site flange facer service will minimize asset downtime for our clients from across industries around the globe. By performing these services in-situ and on site you will be able to realize tremendous savings by eliminating costs and additional downtime associated with the disassembly and removal, logistics, transport and reinstallation of the machinery or equipment.

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