Portable Flange Facer Machine Tools For Chemical Industry

Portable Flange Facer Machine Tools For Chemical Industry
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Product Details

Pneumatic Portable Flange Facer Repair Machine in  Site Machining  Video

Product description:

Mainly composed of main shaft, variable speed feed box, tool arm, base, power unit, processing accessories, etc.


Product models:


Minimum Machining DiameterØ115045 ''
Maximum Machining DiameterØ3048120 ''
Minimum clamping rangeØ111744 ''
Maximum clamping range

Ø2794110 ''

Vertical stroke of tool holder102mm
Turning angle of tool holder

+ / - 360

Power unitFrench motor pneumatic (4.0Hp)
Gas pressure0.6-0.8Mpa   flow  2.69 m³/min
Planar feedOne 0.1mm second 0.22mm third 0.64
Vertical feed0.05 mm in first gear, 0.1 mm in second gear and 0.2 in third gear
Net weight of equipment


Gross weight of equipment




Firstly, confirm the size of the hole to be machined, find out the center of the hole, fix the base, install the spindle, feed box, tool arm and power unit, then process.

Product applications:

Flange sealing surface, including plane, water lines, concave, sealing groove, V-groove, chamfer, inside and outside circular surface, etc.

Product characteristics:

FDG3000 Portable Machine Tools With its portability and powerful processing capability, it serves mining, marine engineering, shipping, petrochemical, metallurgical, power and other industries.


Performance description:

  1. Modular design concept, can achieve rapid installation and disassembly;

  2. All bearings adopt NSK high-precision, heavy-duty bearings to ensure smooth operation and no vibration.

  3. High precision turbine transmission mechanism ensures the horizontal, inverted and vertical installation of the machine.

  4. Radial and vertical automatic feeding or manual feeding.

  5. Internal diameter chuck can be adjusted up and down, with 8 supporting points, firmly clamped;

  6. The speed of the spindle varies steadily from 0 to 12 RPM, and the constant torque output ensures the smooth processing.

  7. Multi-gear adjustment is the most suitable feed speed for the whole cutting output, which ensures the efficiency and accuracy of rough and finish machining.

  8. tool holder can rotate about 45 degrees, and can be connected with auxiliary tool holder to increase the processing stroke.

  9. Equipped with remote control box, it is easy to operate and has high safety factor.


FDG3000 Portable Flange End Processing Machine Products are mainly used in nuclear power, shipbuilding, petrochemical, offshore oil, engineering machinery, metallurgy.

And many other fields. Our goal is not only to provide professional installation and maintenance equipment for users in various fields, but also to promote this kind of equipment in the industry.

Advanced maintenance concept, sharing rich industry application experience, professional commitment to provide innovative solutions for installation, maintenance and other process technologies





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