FDG3000 Pneumatic portable flange facer Tools in site machining oil pipeline

FDG3000 Pneumatic portable flange facer Tools in site machining oil pipeline
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Product Details

I.D Portable Flange Facer Tools in Site Machining Video

FDG3000 portable flange end machine products are mainly used in nuclear power, shipbuilding, petrochemical, offshore oil, engineering machinery, metallurgy and many other fields. Our goal is not only to provide professional installation and maintenance equipment for users in all fields, but also to promote this advanced maintenance concept in the industry, share rich industry application experience, and provide innovative solutions for installation, maintenance and other processes. Solution technology.


Technical Details

Facing Diameter:

Min Facing Diameter

45 inches

1150 mm

Max Facing Diameter

120 inches

3050 mm

ID Mounting Diameter

Min I.D. Mount

44 inches

1120 mm

Max I.D. Mount

110 inches

2800 mm

Minimum Swing Diameter

103 inches

2615 mm


Tool Post Travel – (360° swivel)

4 inches

102 mm




Drive – Hydraulic

3.73 Kw

5.0 Hp

Drive – Pneumatic @ 90 P.S.I (6 bar)

3.0 Kw

4.0 Hp

Hydraulic Requirements @ 70 bar

50 Lpm

10 gal/min

Air Consumption / Supply Required

98 S.C.F.M 

2.69 m³/min

Approximately Operational Weight

3025 lbs

1375 kg

Approximately Shipping Weight

4125 lbs

1875 kg

Approximately Shipping Dimensions

Length x Width x Height

112 x 40 x 30 inches

78 x 45 x 24 inches

2850 x 1000 x 750 mm

2000 x 1150 x 600 mm



It can achieve working without mounting base unit, typical applications for on-site machining of heat exchanger, blind flange, and so on, This provides users with the flexibility to make more cuts including cut “O” Ring grooves, RTJ and other V grooves, standard and compact flange facings, weld preparations, and other surfaces.


Precision machined dovetail ways and adjustable Turcite-B coated gibes provide smooth accurate travel, and can give machine shop accuracy .

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