FDG610 Small Portable Flange RTJ On Site Machining Tools

FDG610 Small Portable Flange RTJ On Site Machining Tools
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FDG610 Portable Flange Facer Repair Machine Machining Video


1, automatic feed, adjustable machining accuracy, high processing quality;

2, standard turning power head, suitable for flange surface, sealing water line, sealing groove processing;

3. Optional boring and milling power heads, which can be used for boring and milling;

4. Optional drive mode: pneumatic, digital, hydraulic;

Portable Flange Facer Machine

Inner Rising Flange End Face Processing Machine

Internally rising flange end face processing machine, flange inner diameter installation, designed and developed for flange surface, water line, sealing groove processing, using the latest linear and ball screw technology, the whole device adopts modular design concept, each link The design is based on on-site processing. Widely used in the petroleum, chemical, natural gas, nuclear power and other industries flange connection, installation and repair engineering, providing higher security and higher production efficiency for on-site construction. 

Applicable flange diameter range: ID 100-4521mm

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