FDG610 ID Mount Portable Flange Facer

Product Details

FDG610 ID Mount Portable Flange Facer

FDG610 FLANGE FACE TOOLS -Italian pneumatic drive source

FC610 Portable Flange Facer is an internal ID flange facer. This versatile flange facing machine allows you to face, bevel, and turn pipe, valve, and pump flanges with easy. The modular design makes setup and alignment of this machine quick and easy. It allows one operator to easily set up the machine and operate in a few minutes.

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Facing Diameter Range:50-610mm(2-24")

I.D Clamp Range:50-610mm(2-24")

Min Swing Diameter:515mm

Tool Post Stroke:50(2")

Tool Post Swivel Angle:+ / - 30⁰


Drive Power Unit- Pneumatic:1.2Hp(0.8kw)

Air Consumption / Supply Required:1.2m³/min

Drive Power Unit-Electric:1HP(0.75kw)

Electric Requirements:Single phase,110V/230V,50/60HZ

Machine Weight:60Kg


Product Advantages

Easy and Quick Setup

Modular components make setup quick and easy

Portable Design

Lightweight convenient for onsite job.

Performance Accurately

precise and reliable performance.

Innovative Design


● Geared continuous groove facing feeds

● Swivel tool post

● Quick set independent base

Versatile Application

An internally mounted lightweight yet strong flange facing machine for all types of flange facing,seal groove machining,weld prep and counter boring.

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