Hand Powered Quick Face

Hand Powered Quick Face
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MFM350 Portable Manual Flange Facing Repair Tools Installation Video


OurMFM350 Manual Mini Flange Facer Tools, easy working flange facing repair, easy to operate .

Allows any technician to recondition RF/FF and other gasket seatings in situ,The internal diameter that can be clamped is 25.4mm to 254mm.

Due to clamping and machining range, the Mini facer is a very efficient tool for service or repair workshop but also forpiping construction companies and or vessel manufacturersFDG350on site portable facing.




Min facing diameter: 25.4mm

Machine weight only 7KG

Max facing diameter: 350mm

Packing total 11KG

Max facing diameter: 350mm

Tool post travel: 70mm

MFM350 manual flange machine, no power operation, easy to operate. Widely used in coal mines, petroleum, Chemical Industry, hydropower, wind power generation, shipping and other industries.

MFM350 is lightweight and easy to operate without power. It's one of the top-selling Joysung flanges。

MFM350 Flange machine has two feeding options, one to the flange smooth, another vehicle water lines.Feed rod can be manually exchanged, according to the need to select the required Feed rod and nut. Selection of 1 wire water tank line, Feed rod 2 car smooth.According to different flange hole selection of different block and gib.

MFM350 mini hand  power flange facing tool -JOYSUG


Operational Process 

1. According to the processing requirements to select the Feed rod, install the Feed rod.
2. Measure the required flange hole, according to the hole diameter and select the gib and block.
3. Insert the conical sleeve into the flange, pull the anchor by pulling the bolt,Fixed flange machine, lock with a wrench.
4. Install the cutter head and cutter.
5. Rotate the handle to lift the worm and worm gear, shake the Feed rod hand wheel,Place the tool holder in the machining area and adjust the turning angle.
6. Return the rotary lever to start the work.
7. After processing, loosen the tightening bolts, remove the chuck and angle, clean up the iron filings,Into the toolbox.

MFM350 Mini Flange Facer Machining Tools Factory Wholesale-JOYSUNG




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