MFM350 IN JAMAICA & KAZAKHSTAN Precision Mini Portable Flange Cutting Machine

MFM350 IN JAMAICA & KAZAKHSTAN Precision Mini Portable Flange Cutting Machine
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MFM350 Portable Manual Flange Facer Machine  On Site Machining Video

The MFM350 hand Power Flanger does not require any power drive. It is a small, lightweight and easy-to-operate flange repairing device.

The MFM350 Hand Power Portable Flange Facer weighs only 7Kg and is ultra-portable. It can be operated by one person when using it. It adopts a three-jaw self-centering tensioning structure and is installed very fast. It is equipped with two feed screws that can be quickly converted to meet the water line and smooth surface. The processing requirements are powerful and applicable to all grades of carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and other materials. It is especially suitable for explosive and flammable petrochemical working environment. It is one of the necessary tools for daily maintenance in the petrochemical industry.

FDG6000Portable Flange Facer Machine

The inner diameter of the flange is designed and developed for the flange surface, water line and sealing groove. The latest linear and ball screw technology is adopted. The whole design adopts the modular design concept. The design of each link is based on on-site processing. Widely used in the petroleum, chemical, natural gas, nuclear power and other industries flange connection, installation and repair engineering, providing higher security and higher production efficiency for on-site construction.


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