MFM350 Hot Selling Small Portable Flange Facer Repair Tools By Hand Power

MFM350 Hot Selling Small Portable Flange Facer Repair Tools By Hand Power
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MFM350 Small Hand Power Flange Facer Repair Tools on Site Machining Video


The MFM350 Mini – hand power flange facer tools is per definition not a machine but a manual driven tool to obtain flat facing of different type and diameters of flanges .

The Mini flange facer tool is desgined to do refacing of flat face flanges of various materials.

The tool provides in a gramophone finish thus to create optimum gasket contact and gasket seating conditions.

Hand Power Flange Facer Tool Machining Technical Parameters:

Facing Diameter Range

1-13.7″ (25.4-350mm)

Clamping Diameter Range

1-12.0″ (25.4-304.5 mm)

Min Swing Diameter

18.0″ (457.2mm)

Tool Post travel

3″ (70 mm)

Tool Post Swivel Angle

+ / – 30⁰

Machine Weight


Shipping Weight


Shipping Dimensions

400x 300 x 200 mm

MFM350 Mini Portable Hande Power Flange Facer Tools

MFM350 mini hand  power flange facer  tools -JOYSUG

MFM350 Portable Mini Hande Power Flange Facer Of JOYSUNG Tools


In China, we are at the cutting edge of the field, we have the latest technology, the most advanced equipment. Our manufacturing technology is at the forefront of the world. At the same time, we also have many customers from different platforms, different countries and different regions.

JOYSUNG's main products are: engineering machinery boring machine, portable boring machine, portable flange processing machine, portable surface milling machine, etc. In 2015, it successfully signed an agency agreement with German EIBENSTOCK companyand became the exclusive agent of Germany EIBENSTOCK China.

JOYSUNG have been sold to America, Russia, Thailand, Kenya, South Africa, Canada, Australia, Bahrain, Argentinaand the Middle East countries, etc.

JOYSUNG is dedicated to provide high cost-effective products to global customers.

JOYSUNG supply quality products and high standards of service to the international market with the standardization of the management idea, good working environment and harmonious working 

MFM350 Mini Portable Hand Power  Flange Facer Tools -JOYSUNG

MFM350 Mini Portable Manua  Flange Facer Tools -JOYSUNG


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