Hand Powered Quick Flange Face Tool

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Product Description:

MFM350portableflangefacer (63)

Light weight, easy to carry. Manual flange machine is a simple, low cost and high-tech solution.

It is a flange maintenance tool without power source, light weight, easy to carry and power system.

It's light, but it doesn't reduce functionality. The manual flange machine tool weighs 7.0kg, which is easy to handle and can process various flange surfaces freely. Light weight does not mean loss of performance.

The equipment has interchangeable feed screw to make it suitable for repairing damaged raised face or butt welding flange to meet the corresponding standards.

In addition, the operation of the manual flange processing machine is very simple; after selecting the correct cutting screw for operation, insert the equipment installation shaft into the pipe end and center it with the adjustable mandrel to provide accurate concentric operation. Then, rotate the tool arm by hand and use the worm gear mechanism to achieve the perfect water lines. The tool can be adjusted by the feed handwheel to define the cut depth and correct surface finish.

The manual flange processing machine is small in size and easy to carry. It can be a supplementary tool for your equipment series. It is a perfect solution for most small diameter end face processing problems.

MFM350 Small portable  manual flange facer machine -JOYSUNG

Manual Portable Flange Facing Tool  Specifications


Hand powered flange face machine

Installation method

Internal expansion

Clamping Diameter Range

1-12.0″ (25.4-304.5 mm)

Facing Diameter Range

1-13.7″ (25.4-350mm)

Power source

Hand Powered

Machine host weight


machining mode

Turning machining

Manual flange machining video

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