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MFM350 ID Mount Portable Flange Facer

If you are in the market for a flange facer, consider MFM350. Due to its flat design and the low weight, the portable, ID-mounted, Hand power, MFM350 is ideal for applications in areas with limited working space or without electric or hydraulic power.

This manual flange facer is special designed for Safe, efficient and accurate refacing of flat pipe flange surfaces.



MINI hand power flange face tool

Installation method

Internal expansion

Clamping Diameter Range

1-12.0″ (25.4-304.5 mm)

Facing Diameter Range

1-13.7″ (25.4-350mm)

Power source

Hand Powered

Machine host weight


machining mode

Turning machining


Hand Power

MFM350 portable flange facer is innovative designed manual/hand power.


It is very convenient to take.

Easy Operate

With MFM350 manual flange facer, the complex job can be done by one operater.


More over, this manual flange tool can be pared with different feed screws that maks it suitable for refacing damaged raised-face or lens-ring joint flanges to the high safety standards required.

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