MFM350 Mini Flange Machining Tools Factory Wholesale

MFM350 Mini Flange Machining Tools Factory Wholesale
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MFM350 Portable Hand Power Flange Facer Machine Tools on Site Machining Video


Mini hand flange processing machine is a portable manual power flange facing tool, customized for re-machining damaged corrosive flange faces.

Mini Flange Facing Machine a hand powered machine tool, without pneumatic power or electric power supply, which allowed one technician to operate it easily and fast.



MFM350 Machining diameter of hand flange: 25.4-350mm Installation diameter: 25.4-254mm.

MFM350 hand flange machining technical parameters:

machining diameter:25.4-350mm

Mounting diameter:25.4-254mm 

Tool holder stroke:50mm

power:Mechanical  transmission

Rotating speed:Promise

JOYSUNG offers a wide range of rugged and innovative portable flange end face repair tools with a bore diameter of 25.4 to 5800mm for ID mounting. We can configure the machine for end face, milling or both. For portability and setup, the smaller unit body is quickly locked in place with the integral mandrel, while the larger unit can be fitted with a facet. Separate installation of the main body or chuck for installation.


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