MFM350 Portable Flange Facing Machining for Shipbuilding Machines

MFM350 Portable Flange Facing Machining for Shipbuilding Machines
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Mini Portable Flange Facing Machining Tools

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Our MFM350 Small Portable Flange  Refacing Machine easy to work flange end maintenance, easy to operate Allow any technician to restore the RF / FF and other in-situ gasket seat, which can clamp the inner diameter of 25.4mm to 254MM.

Due to the wide range of clamping and processing,  Small Portable Flange refacing Machining is a very effective tool for maintenance or repair shop, but also for pipeline construction companies and / or ship manufacturers.

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  • Facing diameter:25.4-350mm

  • Hand drive,NOT need any other power supply

  • Ultre-Portable:

  • Machine weight only 7kg

MFM350-Portable-Flange facing-Machine-JOYSUNG

The MFM350 mini portable manual flange machine is ideal for use in the field. Setup and operation can be done with just one worker.

MFM350 mini flange facing machine set up easily , interchangeable lead screws suitable for refacing damaged raised face, flat face or lens ring joint flanges safe and convenient way.

Maybe you worry about the quality , it’s totally understand. We use the aviation material-aluminum, it’s high strength and stronger than normal material. Make sure the tension and life extend several years longer than many products.


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