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Mini Face portable flange machine

Hand Tools For Repairing Flanges Of Valves And Pipes (5)

  • The purpose of the development of portable flange machine is to meet the user's demand for accurate, fast and efficient online repair of damaged small diameter flange, reduce downtime and avoid the cost of disassembly, transportation and reassembly.

  • The invention of the portable flange machine changes the traditional working mode of the production and maintenance personnel, saves the production cost, and obviously improves the working efficiency.

  • The portable flange face machining machine can easily realize the perfect machining of small diameter flange in single person mode without any external power source, and ensure the machining accuracy and performance of lathe level, which is the best choice for production supplement and online maintenance.

  • Many factories have thousands of small flanges, Mini hand powered flange Face tool is your ideal tool for installation and maintenance

  • The manual flange end face processing machine does not require any power source, and only a single operator can manually realize the small diameter flange surface.

  • Machining, while ensuring lathe-level processing accuracy and performance, is the ideal choice for any machiningtool inventory!

Model: MFM350

Machining range: 25.4-350mm

Installation range: 25.4-254mm

Minimum turning diameter: 460mm

Package size: 200 × 300 × 400mm

Set weight: 7.0kg

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