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Small Flange And Face Machine

We attach great importance to the communication of product quality and integrity, and we always believe that it is a necessary way to become the leader of portable field processing machinery industry.

Our slogan is: "survive with quality and develop with integrity"

High quality products come from the fact that we make every part extremely fine!

Mini manual flange processing machine does not need any driving force. It is a real field flange repair tool with small volume, light weight, beautiful appearance, strong stability, high precision and easy operation.

MFM350 Hot Selling Small Portable Flange Facer Repair Tools By Hand Power-JOYSUNG

Product Features:

  • Convenient and practical;

  • High quality assurance;

  • High precision operation;

  • Light (7kg only);

  • Facing Diameter Range:1-13.7″(25.4-350mm);

  • Clamping Diameter Range:1-12.0″ (25.4-304.5 mm);

  • No need for any power source, one person can easily operate;

  • Three point self centering tension structure, convenient and fast installation;

  • Fast replacement of the feed screw rod, while meeting the waterline and smooth processing;

  • Suitable for various grades of carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and other materials;

  • Cold working without high temperature and sparks;



Operational Process

According to the processing requirements to select the Feed rod, install the Feed rod.

Measure the required flange hole, according to the hole diameter and select the gib and block.

Insert the conical sleeve into the flange, pull the anchor by pulling the bolt, Fixed flange machine, lock with a wrench.

Install the cutter head and cutter.

Rotate the handle to lift the worm and worm gear, shake the Feed rod hand wheel,Place the tool holder in the machining area and adjust the turming angle.

Return the rotary lever to start the work.

A fter processing, loosen the tightening bolts, remove the chuck and angle, clean up the iron filings,Into the toolbox.


Since its establishment in 2005, Shenzhen JOYSUNG Co., Ltd. has been constantly learning and introducing world-class industrial technologies and products, adhering to the business philosophy of integrity, cooperation and win-win. After unremitting efforts, our products are widely used in steel, electricity , Petroleum and petrochemical, mining, equipment manufacturing, food and medical treatment and many other fields. We focus on pipeline connection management and strive to become an expert in the integration of leak-free connections! JOYSUNG is mainly engaged in R & D, manufacturing, sales and technical consulting services of portable on-site machining products. Our main exported products are: portable flange machine, portable boring machine, portable inner hole repair welding machine, portable milling machine, portable CNC thread milling machine , Torque wrench, etc. We are the seller of the product and the user and manufacturer of the product. We will continue to find defects and correct them. In the future, we will create more advanced tools and equipment.


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