External Clamping Flange FAcer Machine

Product Details

Product Description:

Models of external clamp flange: FDG300E, FDG600E

FDG-E flange facer machine

Functional description

FDG-E Flange Facer is an externally mounted machine with a lightweight but durable construction for all types of flange facing, seal groove machining and boring. This Facer has a two feed gearbox system which give continuous and power feeds. The base has a 4-jaws independent clamp for quick setting .

Use Description

First fix the base, install the corrector on the chassis, fix the dial indicator, observe the indication change of the dial indicator when the tool holder rotates according to the provided processing reference, adjust the flatness and concentricity, and make correction. After the calibration of the base is completed, install the tool and turn on the power to start processing the flange.

FDG-E Model Portable Outer Flange Facer Machine Features:

Split assembly structure, easy to install and disassemble on site;

The knife holder can be adjusted at any angle within 360 °;

It can be installed horizontally, vertically or upside down, with good stability;

High accurate crossing ball bearing, ensuring effectively the steadiness of milling;

Automatic feeding in both radial and axial directions

Externally mounted,It can be installed horizontally ,vertically or upside-down. 

Equipped with remote circuit control system with convenient operation and high safety factor 


1-Servo motor motor (with reducer)


3-Tool holder

4-Gear shifting mechanism (F gear-rough machining / inward feed C gear-finishing / outward feed)

5-Feed screw lock nut (tighten when replacing the screw)

6-Adjusting mechanism of rising foot

Technical Parameters




ID Mounting Range



Milling Diameter Range



Rotational Drive Motor

Servo motor

Servo motor

Servo Feed Motor Power



Spindle R.P.M



Vertical travel



Z-axis Riser

Manual feed

Manual feed

Dynamic System

dynamic system

Remote Control Box

The remote control box can realize remote operation with high safety factor. The remote control line is low voltage 24V and the length is generally 10 meters.

Servo control system

FDG300E flange facer tool

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