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The FDG300E is constructed, as the rest of the range, from the highest quality materials. It is designed to give machine shop accuracy, combined with ease of handling and portability in the flange range of 0 - 305mm (0"- 12").


The Machine Consists Of Three Main Assemblies:

Base Ring Assembly

Four separate adjustable clamp blocks are provided which may

be positioned on the base ring to suit the size of flange being


Drive and Bearing

The machine is driven by a 0.66kw (0.85hp) pneumatic motor,

which is mounted directly to the drive bearing assembly, and is

quickly detachable.


The saddle is mounted on the drive and bearing assembly and provides a rigid structure to which the toolpost is fixed. Drive input to the saddle is derived from the drive and bearing assembly, internal gear arrangement and saddle gear pick-up gear in a planetary motion. Toolpost traverse in and out is provided by a lead screw which is driven by the saddle gear train. Direction is selected by the traverse selector.

The machine can achieve cuts to a maximum depth of 2mm(0.079") without flanged holes and 1mm (0.039") with flanged holes. Altermative toolposts can be ftted to the saddle depending on the machine application.


All portable field machining equipment of JOYSUNG strictly meets the engineering standard.

conformance to the ISO9001 quality system.

JOYSUNG Design Department

All JOYSUNG machines are used by our on-site service technicians and over the years, we have modified and designed attachments to enable the JOYSUNG range of machine tools to undertake many specialist applications. Can we help you?Comprehensive CAD facilities operated by qualified design engineers and experienced project engineers are able to meet your exact requirements.

FDG300E Portable flange facer machine-JOYSUNG

Technical Parameter

Principal Dimensions

130mm (51*")


305mm (12")

Rotational diameter

305mm (12")

Maximum swing

0mm (0")

Minimum swing

38mm (15/8)

Toolpost travel

610mm (24")

Overall diameter

130mm (51*")


Nett weight (less wooden case)

50kg (110lbs)

Total shipping weight

85kg (1871lbs)

Wooden Case Dimensions


800mm (32")


430mm (17")


720mm (28")

General Information

Gnipping Range

minimum size 102mm (4")

maximum size 305mm (12")

Flange Range

minimum size 0mm (0")

maximum size 305mm (12")

Drive motor

0.66kw (0.85hp)

Minimum air supply requirements

5 bar 2.26m/min (80psi 80cfm)

Drive motor output speed

1600 rpm

Final rotational speed


Table of Surfacing Feeds


Feed (mm)

Feed (inches)







Hand held




●Compact, lightweight

●Externally Mounted

●Operates in any Position

●Cuts‘O' Ring Grooves, vertical grooves,‘V’grooves, lens ring seats, hub profiles and weld

FDG300E-O.D portable flange face repair tool-JOYSUNG  (7)


●Achieves finishes from 1 .6um Ra to 6.3um (63 CLA to 250 CLA) 'gramophone' finish when turning and 0.8um Ra to 1.6um (32 CLA to 63 CLA) when polishing

●Pneumatic drive permits use in

hazardous areas

●Fitted transportable case

Model of external card repair machine: FDG300E, FDG600E

FDG-E flange facer machine

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