FDG300E Hot Selling MINI Portable Flange Facer Repair Tools By Pneumatic

FDG300E Hot Selling MINI Portable Flange Facer Repair Tools By Pneumatic
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FDG300E Small O.D Flange Facing Repair Tools in Site Machining Video

FDG300E portable flange end face machine products are mainly used in nuclear power, shipbuilding, petrochemical, offshore oil, engineering machinery, metallurgy and many other fields. Our goal is not only to provide professional installation and maintenance equipment for users in various fields, but also to promote this advanced maintenance concept in the industry, share rich industry application experience, and dedicate ourselves to providing innovative solutions for installation, maintenance and other process technologies.

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  1. High torque drive with a low 35 dB noise level

  2. Latest linear technology for durability and repeatable accuracy

  3. Storage/shipping box 

  4. CE certificate




Oil, Gas and Chemical 、Power Generation、Heavy Equipment 、Ship building & repair

Typical applications

Piping system flanges

Valve flanges and bonnet flanges

Heat exchanger flanges

Vessel flanges

Flange faces on piping systems

Pump housing flanges

Weld preps

Tube sheet bundles.

Bearing mounting bases

Final drive hubs

Bull gear faces

Manufacturing of mining equipment

Slew rings

Bearing mounting bases

Crane pedestal flange

Flange machine application

JOYSUNG has a strict internal quality control system, has passed ISO9001:2008 quality system certification, and has achieved international standardization in research and development, design, production, engineering service, sales and management of portable processing equipment.

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