Benefits and precautions of wearing a mask

First of all, wearing a mask can prevent viruses and bacteria and protect our own health, especially in the hospital. During the epidemic, whether it is medical workers or ordinary people, almost everyone has a mask. This is actually the reason. Now that everyone is in the hospital, especially when they are in the departments of respiratory medicine, infectious diseases, fever clinics, and intensive care units, it is recommended that you always wear a mask. And the recent severe new pneumonia is constantly reminding us that we need to wear masks in time and correctly.

Secondly, wearing a mask can keep warm and humidify. This can effectively prevent the occurrence of respiratory diseases, if it refers to the cold winter. In winter, one of the purposes of wearing masks is to keep warm. By wearing masks, we not only protect most of our faces from cold air, but also protect our respiratory tract from cold air. At the same time, the gas we exhale contains a certain amount of water, and wearing a mask can retain some of the humidity, which will help us maintain the humidity of the mouth and nasopharynx. Therefore, wearing a mask is helpful for preventing colds and upper respiratory tract infections. 

The third advantage of wearing a mask is to keep the face hidden. This is because some of our facial diseases may be inconvenient to expose the face, and wearing a mask can indeed protect our privacy.

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