Cold roll flange size range

Cold volume method blue as its name suggests is with profile (flat steel, strip, round tube, u steel, slot steel, angle,) directly cold bent into need of diameter requirements of ring or arc, round degrees requirements according to customer requirements and set, customer can directly using and tube body Shang, or using and tube body, as connection flange, or support circle,, using convenient, price low.

As non-standard volume business method blue, it not equivalent Yu forged flange, and hot simmering flange, vintage processing process, volume business method blue is a new of processing process, instead of has original of plate Xia material, docking correction, lathe processing, complex of process, and save has oxygen, and acetylene, and labor, and raw materials,, process more simplistic, as connection, and support, role, products widely applies Yu wind machine, and bridge template, and chemical equipment, and cable line frame, and centrifugal machine, industry.

But cold roll flange also has its limitations, not all size flange can be realized through the cold rolls. Currently market Shang of cold volume method blue most for on tolerance requirements not is precision of thin flange, thickness in 3mm-10MM, width General for 30-80, diameter General in 200 above, these size with cold volume to forming has larger of advantage, a is can do save raw materials, operation simple, second these size range of volume business method blue making up more easy meet its tolerance requirements, made of finished regardless of is round degrees also is flat degrees or diameter tolerance, can control in 1 mm within. Civil Defense, ventilation industry sealed valve flange through cold-rolled to produce.