Flange forming machine works

Flange forming machine is carbon steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metal (steel, strip steel, channel steel, pipes, and so on) made of roll diameter φ 180-6000mm ring and the flange of a high quality, cost-effective coiling device.

Flange forming machine with mechanical and hydraulic type, widely used in wind turbines, bridge formwork, chemical equipment, cables, mine explosion-proof switches, centrifuges and other machinery and equipment industry application. Flange forming machine with three rollers molds of various profiles such as: flat steel, channel steel, round tube or other shaped cross section profile bending into a certain curvature of rounded, curved, spiral. The machine is modular, portfolio can be applied to a variety of profiles.

Equipment consists of a host, hydraulic stations, electrical cabinet of three main components. By electric high pressure oil pump output, the pipe, and into working cylinders or Madanes, high pressure oil push to persuade or Madanes plunger oil cylinder, generate thrust and torque, the tool parts by bending profiles.