How difficult is it to switch to production masks?

Under the epidemic, many companies have become irritable. At this time, suppliers who can deliver complete mask machines can already be called "conscience companies." Some manufacturers deliver a bunch of parts and ask customers to go back and assemble themselves; in a worse situation, the manufacturer just downloaded a mask machine drawing on the Internet, and advertised to the outside world that he has the ability to make a mask machine. The more crazy thing is that they also The deposit must be charged first, in this process, the customer has not even seen the mask machine.

With the development of the epidemic, manufacturing companies are scrambling to join the mask production team.

During the period of time, demand is greater than supply, and people are constantly joining the industry. In this complex environment, encountering trouble is almost inevitable.

But this process is difficult to say. Many companies prematurely underestimated the technical content of mask production before switching to production. As the process progressed, many problems were gradually exposed. People have discovered that a small mask involves many parts, raw materials, production equipment and qualification standards, and all these channels must be cleared, which will obviously be more difficult than the production of other products.

Shenzhen JOYSUANG Machinery Co., Ltd. is obviously not among these unscrupulous enterprises, because JOYSUNG is a high-tech enterprise specializing in scientific research and development, technology promotion and engineering services of portable processing equipment (engineering machinery, petrochemical industry, ships, bridges, mines, hydroelectric power stations, nuclear power plants, wind power towers) and other industries. He has extensive experience in business fields such as integrated applications and automated portable devices. "In response to the strong demand for masks in overseas markets, many manufacturers are more inclined to produce fully automatic mask production machines with more stable performance and higher production capacity, and JOYSUNG is at the industry leading level in terms of electrical control level and intelligent machine design capabilities. "The automatic mask production machine belongs to automatic intelligent equipment. It has many similarities in design principles with other intelligent equipment. The focus is on adjusting the design parameters of the mask machine equipment. Therefore, JOYSUNG's existing technical advantages can be quickly transformed into mask mask development capabilities. "

The machines manufactured by JOYSUNG are not only beautiful in appearance, but also have the highest quality in the industry. The machines sold will be adjusted at the factory's test ground for more than 48 hours to ensure that the machine can be delivered to the customer as soon as possible It can be converted into production capacity and share the troubles for customers.

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