Introduction of the flange

, Xinxiang city, flange mechanical limited products main is committed to volume business method blue, and GB flange, and cold bent flange, and motor pressure circle, and falanji, and flange forming machine, and angle volume round machine, and cold bent volume round machine, and profile bent machine, and flange plastic machine, and flange whole flat machine, and wind tube turned side machine, and cylinder turned side machine, and spin pressure machine, and volume Board machine, and bent tube machine, and disc tube machine, equipment and the other related supporting products of design, and manufacturing and installation debugging. Product now covers the East, North, Northeast, Northwest, South in more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and exported to overseas, trusted by the user. Briefly below the flange.

Flanges are used in pairs, low pressure pipe you can use wire flange, four kg of pressure welding flange. Between the two flanges with gaskets and bolt. Pressure flange thickness, they use bolts are different. Pumps and valves, and piping connections, equipment parts, also made corresponding flange shape, also known as a flanged connection. Usually around two planes use bolts enclosed attached parts, generally referred to as "flange", such as the ventilation pipe connection, such parts can be referred to as "parts such as flange". But this connection is only part of a device, such as flange connections and pumps, well pumps called "flange part." Smaller valves, etc, can be called "flange part."