Round machine use

1. installation on hard surfaces, equipment remained stable.

2. strict adherence to the rules and safety procedures

3. operators should understand and master the equipment structure and working principle and maintenance of checkpoints.

4. master the methods of startup, shutdown, and order (manual operation by electromagnetic adjustable speed motor).

5. before starting the reducer oil should be added.

6. reverse equipment is operating as it should be, you should reset the speed switches, shut down after 1 minute and then power on.

7. when the driven wheel feed and fastening bolts should be loosened, feed after reaching the scale, then tighten the locknuts fixed; passive wheel bolts on both sides (4-M30), tighten, fixed. Each driven wheel feed workpiece must be completely quit again after feeding.

8. during use should be cleaned roller Groove and heterocyclic residue of the table surface.

9. this power in three of four lines.