Types of masks

Masks are our most commonly used health protection products, whether it is for anti-virus attack or dust and smog protection, as well as warmth, beauty lovers are used for aesthetic decoration, etc., you can see its figure, masks There are many kinds of categories because of their different uses. How to choose the type you need to understand the characteristics of the product. The wrong product is more loss than the failure to choose. Customers who choose disposable mask machines need to have a good knowledge of masks. Enough to understand.

First understand the key figures:

1. Droplet size 5 microns

2. PM2.5 is suspended particles less than 2.5 microns

3. Mycobacterium tuberculosis size 0.3 ~ 0.6 microns

4. Virus size 0.08 microns

Recommended mask types and users

  • Disposable medical masks: It is recommended for the public to use in non-person-intensive public places.

  • Medical surgical masks: The protective effect is better than disposable medical masks. It is recommended to wear suspected cases, public transportation personnel, taxi drivers, sanitation workers, public service personnel, etc. during the post.

  • KN95 / N95 and above medical protective masks: the protective effect is better than medical surgical masks and disposable medical masks. It is recommended for on-site investigation, sampling and testing personnel. The public can also wear it in highly crowded places or closed public places.

Medical Standard Respirator Disposable N95 Dust Mask (16)

Paper mask: to prevent splashing, there is no epidemic prevention effect and any protective effect, but it can act as a mask pad to properly extend the life of disposable masks.

Cotton masks: keep warm and isolate large particles of dust, without the effects of epidemic prevention and air pollution particles.

Disposable Paper Face Masks-White Disposable Paper Face Mask

Cotton masks: keep warm and isolate large particles of dust, without the effects of epidemic prevention and air pollution particles.

Activated carbon mask:

Function: cut off odor and volatile gas;

Application scenarios: used for painting, cycling, cleaning and cleaning;

Material: Add a layer of cloth mixed with activated carbon to the mask;

Note: The general activated carbon mask is only used to block odor or volatile gas, but it is not useful for dust, and the suspended particles such as dust are too large for activated carbon to adsorb;

Activated carbon mask

PM2.5 mask:

Role: to isolate PM2.5 air pollution

Material: The same three layers, the main difference is that the middle layer usually uses an electrostatic adsorption layer, which can use electrostatic adsorption to adsorb tiny suspended particles.

Explanation: Can PM2.5 masks be used for epidemic prevention? It is theoretically possible because it can block particles smaller than droplets (5 microns). However, the design is not suitable for epidemic prevention, mainly because it has high respiratory impedance and is not easy to wear for a long time; and it can be reused originally. If it is for epidemic prevention, it needs to be replaced every day, which is relatively expensive.

earloop-3-ply-face-mask-n95-mask (2)