When should I wear a mask?

  1. In the cold and hazy days of winter, the mask does have a certain anti-fog effect;

  2. When everyone is engaged in or enters an air-polluted environment, such as friends who change water and electricity among decoration workers, and friends who need to contact asbestos, etc .;

  3. Friends with chronic lung disease, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease;

  4. Go to a crowded place and try to wear a mask as much as possible to effectively prevent respiratory diseases;

Wearing masks in winter, the taboo to note is not to always wear masks, some people will wear masks as soon as they go out, it seems no problem. But this is actually wrong. If the weather is good, we do n’t have to worry too much about harmful particles outside.

With the barrier of the mask, we can't breathe fresh air. In this environment, we don't need to wear a mask. Another aspect is that you often go out and wear a mask. Although it prevents harmful substances from entering your body from the nose, to some extent, it also reduces the ability of the nose to resist the outside world.

Wear a mask in a dusty environment with poor air quality instead of wearing a mask often. Wearing masks often in winter will cause you to get sick? Wear a mask and be careful not to commit 2 taboos.

Another taboo is not paying attention to hygiene when wearing masks. Some people do not pay attention to washing their hands when wearing masks. It is important to know that there are many bacteria on the hands. It is also easy to contaminate the masks when they are not clean, which is harmful to the health of the body.