protable Boring Machine For Excavator On Site

protable Boring Machine For Excavator On Site
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Product Details:

Portable boring machines have attracted much attention for their stability, accuracy, dexterity, robustness, security, intelligent application and ease of operation. Provides high-precision on-site repair of inner holes and couplings of large and small equipment without dismantling the equipment, reducing downtime and transportation time to the factory for maintenance. Statistics show that these innovative machines reduce maintenance time by 85% .

According to its design and application ability, the boring machine has many advantages, such as less investment cost, simple work, easy installation of positioning device and precise boring position, which improves the working efficiency to a certain extent.




Boring machine is specially used for machining deep holes in cylinders, oil cylinders and hydraulic cylinders. In addition, our boring machine can also be used for machining spindle holes and step holes. It is precisely because of the use of boring machine so it has a very large role in industrial production, is the production process of our machine tools often used equipment. Because our machine tool is very rigid, and precision maintenance performance is very good, so the spindle speed range is very wide, such characteristics allow it to better adapt to a variety of deep hole processing technology needs, and to a large extent to ensure the security and reliability. In addition to these, our boring machine is also widely used in automobiles, tractors and other machine equipment cylinder empty and cylinder liner bore, in these areas also have a very large role. In addition, we know that the boring machine is very simple and convenient, and the cost is very low, which greatly improves our industrial production efficiency, let some traditionally difficult problems become simple.


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The portable boring machine comprises a driving motor, a speed reducer, a positioning bracket, a tool-walking bracket and a boring bar, and is characterized in that the driving motor is connected with a speed reducer, and the speed reducer is mounted on a tool-walking bracket, and the speed reducer is connected with a boring bar through a coupling; A positioning bracket is arranged on both sides of the tool-walking support, a guide post is arranged on the two positioning supports, a tool-walking support is arranged on the guide post, a positioning plate is arranged on the Boring Bar, and a positioning plate is arranged on the positioning support The lower end of the two positioning brackets and the tool-walking bracket is provided with a lead screw, and a screw master is arranged in the tool-walking bracket. The end of the lead screw is connected with a manual tool-walking mechanism. The utility model improves the transmission effect, reduces the noise of the equipment running, greatly reduces the Labor intensity of the operator, and can move the product at will according to the actual needs Not only in the workshop can also be used in the site and field operations. The utility model can be widely used in the fields of mechanical processing, mining, automobile manufacturing, ship manufacturing, engineering machinery repair, etc. .





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