Mobile Line Bore Repair Tools

Mobile Line Bore Repair Tools
Product Details

Heavy Equipment Line Boring Tools On-site Machining Video


Rotation Drive Unit

Axial Feed Unit

Aluminum structure, has a good cooling effect

Automatic feed travel depends on boring bar length

Mounts anywhere on the bar

Can be installed at any end of the boring bar

3:1 gear reduction ratio(standard)

Mechanical feed, feed rate per revolution:0.16/0.28mm/rev


Boring machine is mainly used for the construction machinery on-site boring processing, its perfect structure design and accurate feeding system cast a perfect performance.

TDG110 boring machine is used in ship industry, oil tanker rudder hole repair, oil tanker Stern tube repair, oil tanker diesel engine, oil cylinder hole repair, etc.

For bearing holes which are easy to be worn due to heavy-duty transmission, the processing of the holes can be matched on the spot. Such as power plants, power maintenance companies, coal mines and so on

Product Details:Boring diameter: 220-1000mm(8.66-39.3”)

1.TDG110 is a versatile modular boring machine that offers a choice of electric, hydraulic and pneumatic motor types to rotate the boring bar and comes with a mechanical actuator for the feed assembly. Designed for stern tubes, rudder orifices, hinge pins, gearboxes, turbines and more.
2.TDG110 Boring Machine, precision heavy-duty portable line boring machine for boring bars. Designed for large linear boring projects. Modular add-ons provide flexible boring solutions for multiple projects. Quick-install ball bearing housing.
3.TDG110 portable pipe drilling machine, adjustable boring arm, hydraulic drive. Is a precision heavy-duty portable boring machine, boring instrument. JOYSUNG is the product of 15 years of experience.
4.TDG110 boring machine is used to repair and process the PINHOLE, rotary hole, hinge hole, or insert sleeve after reaming, repair and process the concentric holes of excavators, loaders, presses and cranes.



Facing Head

Boring Head


Mechanical feed, feed rate per revolution:0.16/0.28mm/rev


Inner sheathed copper plating, effectively protecting the boring bar.


Mounts anywhere on the bar


Increase the cushion blocks, to meet the different needs of boring.

4-arm Support / Center Support


Line Boring Service

      Boring Bar

 Hydraulic Power Unit



Please choose the length of boring bar:






Hydraulic power unit, 10HP(7.5KW), 38L/min



Hydraulic power unit, 15HP(11KW), 38L/min



Hydraulic power unit, 20HP(15KW), 38L/min



Hydraulic power unit, 25HP(18.5KW), 60L/min


TDG110 boring machine can undertake a variety of drilling, boring, but also can be processed by rolling, drilling using the method of internal or external chip removal method. The machine bed is rigid, the precision is good, the spindle speed range is wide, the feed system is driven by AC Servo Motor, it can meet the needs of various deep hole processing technology, the oiler fastens and the workpiece is pressed by hydraulic device, the instrument shows, safe and sound.

TDG110 boring machine is a practical new type of the most popular a boring machine, compared with the available technology, the beneficial effect is, the positioning device of the cylinder boring machine has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use, accurate positioning, low cost, easy realization and high production efficiency.

JOYSUN is committed to the perfect application of high-quality portable equipment to engineering machinery, petrochemicals, ship ports, thermal power plants, wind power towers, hydropower stations, steel plants and construction industries.Our products find buyers and users in many quality and competitive markets - the United States, India, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Italy, Russia, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Chile, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Nepal and so on. All our overseas buyers show their trust in us by repeatedly placing orders. This benefits from consistency in the quality, pricing and timely supply of our products. This benefits from consistency in the quality, pricing and supply of our products.





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