In Situ Portable Line Boring Tools

In Situ Portable Line Boring Tools
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TDG90 Portable Line Boring Tools On-site Machining  Video

TDG90 portable boring machine is mainly composed of spindle box, feed box, mast, power, support, tool holder and other components.

Boring Bar Dia


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Boring Dia


Boring Stock

600mm 、1000mm

Feed Rate


Drive Power Unit

Hydraulic 、Servo

Facing Head

Two Kind


  • Every servo motor matches with planet gear reducer box with

  • reduction ratio 3:1,and equipped with remote control box

  • Two types of hydraulic unit are available,15hp(11KW) and 25hp(18.5KW) 

  • with variable displacement pump, allow speed control even while running without sacrificing torque. 

Servo, three Phase, 380V, 50/60Hz,1500W, bar rpm: 0-50/50-95

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Servo, three Phase, 415V, 50/60Hz,1500W, bar rpm: 0-50/50-95

Hydraulic, three Phase, 380V, 15HP/11KW,

38L/min, bar rpm: 0--120

Hydraulic, three Phase, 380V, 25HP/18.5KW,

60L/min, bar rpm: 0--120


  • Internally mounted;

  • Light weightand durable;

  • Modular design, easy to operate;

  • Automatic feeding in both radial and axial directions;

  • Power options: servo,hydraulic;

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