Portable Boring Bar Tool For Pipe Hole Machining

Product Details

Portable Line Boring Machine Tools for Heavy Equipment Bore Repair Product Description:

The performance of TDG series portable boring machinery equipment has the following obvious advantages compared with similar products:

  1. The equipment adopts modular design, which is convenient for carrying, transportation, installation and disassembly;

  2. High-quality materials, high-strength mechanical structure, not easy to deform;

  3. Various forms of support devices can meet various working environments, and can work normally in horizontal, vertical, and inclined states;

  4. The equipment has constant torque power, and the sales volume is large, and the maximum amount of knife eating on one side can reach 5mm;

  5. The boring tool holder with fine adjustment function can adjust the amount of feed, and the axial and radial cutting is stable without vibration;

  6. Wide processing range, can be equipped with end face milling device, processing pipe end face, V-shaped groove, etc .;

  7. Simple and safe operation, equipped with remote circuit remote control system, easy operation and high safety factor;




Boring Bar Length

2500/3000/3500/4000 (customizable)

Boring Bar Diameter


Boring Diameter


Feed Stroke

500 / 900mm

Feed Rate

0-0.5mm / rev

Feeding Method

Automatic Feed / Manual Feed

Boring Speed



Hydraulic, Servo Motor, German Ee Motor

In Field Boring Bar Machine Equipment Working Display:

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