Portable Boring Machine For Repairing Bridge Steel Structure

Portable Boring Machine For Repairing Bridge Steel Structure
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Product Details

Product Description:

Large boring equipment is a new generation of products developed by JOYSUNG scientific research personnel according to the requirements of market customers. Widely used in many fields such as construction machinery / mining equipment / bridge construction / ship / hydroelectric machinery processing. And by virtue of stable quality performance, easy installation and operation, high machiningaccuracy, fast efficiency and other advantages. Since the product was launched, it has been well received by customers at home and abroad. Our portable on-site machiningequipment is exported to Africa, Russia, Malaysia, Southeast Asia, South Africa, Chile, Australia, UAE and many other countries.

Technical Specifications Of TDG90 Boring Machine:

Standard boring bar diameter: 90mm (60mm can be selected as required)

Standard boring range: 100-800mm (65-800mm)

Boring bar speed: 0-78 rpm

Feed: 0-0.5mm

End face device feed: 0.148 / 0.298mm

Power selection: German EE motor, servo motor, hydraulic pump station


The portable boring equipment is mainly composed of: boring bar, spindle box, feed box, feed screw, straight support, tool holder, German motor and other parts.

JOYSUNG has a variety of portable boring on-site machiningmachine equipment of different models and sizes, which are suitable for the machiningneeds of different apertures and different materials. The ball system is used for the walking system. . In the case of reducing resistance, the cutting amount is greatly improved. Reduce equipment noise, safe and energy saving. One machine can interchange boring bars of different specifications and can add section machiningdevices according to user requirements.


Product Usage:

machiningand repairing of pipeline inner wall, machiningand repairing of rotary holes and pin holes of marine cranes, construction machinery

Machining and repairing of pump body, valve, valve seat and turbine unit hole, machining and repair of rudder system hole, stern shaft hole and rudder blade hole

Porous side by side, one-time positioning machiningof the porous, to ensure the machiningand repair of the porous coaxial hole end surface


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