Boring Machine TDG60 Hydraulic Output

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Portable Line Boring Machine TDG60

Modular structure, Easy to set up, Easy to operate, Multi-functional


Portable Line Boring Machine is a kind of portable machining equipment mainly developed for field maintenance of engineering,energy and chemical equipment. It is mainly used for the machining of small pipe inner hole and concentric interval hole, and widely used in excavators, cranes, loaders, cranes and other engineering machinery.

Product NamePortable Line Boring Machine
Product Type
Boring Diameter65-600mm/35-600mm
Boring Storke
300mm, 600mm, 900mm
Facing Diameter
Feed Rate
Drice Power
Electric, Hydraulic, Servo

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Three different use way in one machine, Boring Hole, Bore Welder, Facing Face. 

Boring Hole : High precision machining, perfect restoration of the original appearance of the workpiece. Increase the service life of workpieces and reduce the cost of customers.

Facing Head: Our boring machine is not only boring, but also repairing the end face. It is multifunctional, simple and practical, and easy to set up.

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