On Site Line Borer Machine

On Site Line Borer Machine
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TDG60  protable LINE boring tools in field machining for excavator video

Established in 2005, JOYSUNG is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the scientific and technological development, technology promotion and engineering services of portable processing equipment.

JOYSUNG has completely independent intellectual property rights, five invention patents and twelve utility model patents.

TDG60 portable boring machine is the latest generation of Zhuoyang products, the perfect combination of cutting-edge industrial design and on-site boring ability. TDG60 boring machine is mainly used for pump body, valve body and other holes, concentric hole processing, and ship rudder shaft, stern shaft hole processing and installation using a fixed clamping method, according to the use of different tools to clamp different diameter range.

TDG60 Portable Line Bore Tools on Site Picture

TDG60 Mobile Line Borer Machine for Forklift Repair Tools-JOYSUNG

TDG60 Mobile Line Borer Machine for Forklift Repair Tools

Cooperative customers cover petrochemical, shipping, mining, metallurgy, marine engineering, nuclear power, power, bridges and other industries, from small excavator repair to national nuclear power.

Our products are distributed in many provinces throughout the country. Since 2011, our products have been exported to Thailand, Russia, Zambia, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil and other countries.

JOYSUNG  has been committed to product technology research and development and updating, product structure has also been improved.

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