Multifunctional Portable Boring Machine

Product Details

TDG60 Portable line boring machine (1)

TDG60 Multifunctional portable boring machine

  • Modular design, safe and stable, suitable for on-site processing;

  • Original double system, concentric boring and internal and external cone surfacing can work independently;

  • Internal and external cone surfacing, end face processing, drilling and other multi-functional integration;

  • High speed, high torque cutting (118rpm);

  • Unique quick centering, easy to install and calibrate;

  • It is suitable for concentric boring and precise welding of pin hole, hinge hole, crane turning hole, ship rudder and stern hole system, turbine assembly hole, turbine rotor coupling hole, valve seat, pump body, inner wall of pipeline, etc;


Parameters of  TDG60 multifunctional portable boring bar machine

Boring Bar Length

2000 / 2500 / 3000 / 3500 (customizable)

Boring Bar Diameter


Boring Diameter


Feed Stroke

400 / 600 / 900 (optional)

Feed Rate

0- 0.5mm/ turn

Feed Mode

Auto feed / manual feed

Boring Speed


Drive Motor

Hydraulic motor, servo motor, German EE motor (optional)

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